News by khorben on 08/07/2005 02:00:00
New release: UW_sslmitm, single-threaded MITM tool. It supports SSL decryption and encryption on the fly, and is not bound to a particular protocol. I...
News by csk on 27/06/2005 02:00:00
New member: we would like to welcome our new member coma. Active coder and b33r drunken master... Welcome on board coma.
News by csk on 22/04/2005 02:00:00
  • New release: again syscall proxy shellcodes... just oldies patched to send IDT register... can be useful for remote kernel patching
  • New release:...
News by khorben on 25/12/2004 01:00:00
New release: iptables script functions for easy firewalling.
News by csk on 22/12/2004 01:00:00
New release: syscall proxy client ... remotly infect a process (like sshd ? :p)
News by csk on 08/10/2004 02:00:00
New release: just two syscall proxy shellcodes added... a forking and a findsock one... enjoy
News by khorben on 2004-09-09
New paper: ongoing experiment on web search engines, to let them look for hidden web sites for everyone
News by csk on 11/08/2004 02:00:00
New release: p.o.c of a simple connect() tcp port scanner for syscall proxy server
News by csk on 09/08/2004 02:00:00
New release: syscall proxy shellcodes and p.o.c client
Glop glop enjoy :p
News by csk on 2004-08-01
New release: a simple elf executable viewer for linux x86
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